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Finding success in a multi-screen world.

The amount of video content available over IP networks is staggering, and viewing it is rapidly gaining in popularity. Traditional broadcast television continues to provide the bulk of video entertainment, but alternative sources are increasingly available on the internet and mobile devices. At the same time, the explosive growth of IP networks is making it easier for consumers to watch video when and where — and on which device — they choose.

As consumers demand that video content be made available on multiple screens, vendors are responding quickly with new standards, technologies, and alliances that facilitate this capability. Technical challenges remain — in particular, the challenge of displaying the same content effectively on different brands of mobile devices — but progress has been rapid. At the same time, network operators and application providers are investing in multi-screen enablers and partnering with third-parties who can provide rich and exciting video content.

This whitepaper surveys the reasons why multi-screen services are so attractive, the role of the network operator in an expanded ecosystem, industry drivers, and technical challenges.

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